Lexi Kiddo started her music career in New York, after a fateful encounter with a producer launched her into the city’s performance art scene. Around the same time she stumbled into a job on Wall Street, and her first EP “Silicon Queen” was born. Written in empty conference rooms at the top of 30 Rock, the EP is a portrait of coming-of-age in corporate America. Dark, combative, and effortless, it is a testament to the artist’s raw power as both musician and vocalist. 

Her upcoming single “Warm” reveals Kiddo’s lush, vulnerable side and hints at her true artistic identity: not the Female Warrior she was in Silicon Queen…but the reluctant Femme Fatale, navigating her passion. The song is effortless - recreating an intimate moment with a lover in fresh detail. It is slow and simple, full of first-love extremes and inconsistencies, and a perfect demonstration of Kiddo’s future as an artist.

Paradox is a defining feature of Kiddo’s songs. They launch you into extreme emotional landscapes, exaggerating the complexities of everyday life. Her voice resonates in a magical middle ground, mixing love with loneliness, control with mania. She’s impossible to pin down, but that’s part of her charm: as our tech-driven world increasingly normalizes and desensitizes, the mercurial Kiddo makes a refreshing case for humanity.